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About Kol Tzedek Torah School [KTTS]

We are a Reconstructionist Torah School rooted in Judaism as a living tradition and justice as a guiding value. In our diverse and inclusive community students learn Jewish history, text and culture. We engage the whole student through creative projects, interactive lessons, and group discussions.

Classes for students in Kindergarten-6th grade meet on Sunday afternoons from 3:15-5:30. Opportunities for teens are developed together with families and may meet at different times.

Hebrew Hevruta

Our Hebrew Hevruta program matches 2 or 3 students who work together with a tutor to develop Hebrew decoding and prayer skills and to build Hebrew vocabulary. Hevruta meets for 35 minutes each week either before or after Torah School. Families are welcome to enroll their children in Hebrew Hevruta starting in 2nd grade. While it is optional in 3rd and 4th grade, it is highly encouraged. Starting in 5th grade, as students approach B'nei Mitzvah, Hebrew Hevruta is included in tuition and it is our expectation that all students will participate. If you have any questions about this, please contact Rabbi Michelle at torahschooldirector@kol-tzedek.org or at 781-820-4552.


The Torah School is subsidized by the synagogue, and we feel that family synagogue membership is important to children's Jewish education. We allow families who are not members to enroll in the Torah School for one year before becoming members. The additional cost for non-members reflects the full cost of tuition when not subsidized by the synagogue.

 Grades K-4$700$1,100
 Optional Hebrew Hevruta
for grades 2-4
 Grades 5-6
(includes Hebrew Hevruta)
 Grade 7$700---


We are an economically diverse community. We do not want money to be a barrier to participation.  If you would like to discuss other financial arrangements, please contact Rabbi Michelle at torahschooldirector@kol-tzedek.org or at 267-629-2349.

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