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Monument Cleaning

Please note: monuments are only cleaned May 1 to November 1.
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The purchaser of services, “Purchaser”, declares that they are legally authorized to make, or charged with the responsibility for, the arrangements of monument cleaning, “the service”. The Purchaser has obtained the consent of the Beneficiaries and next of kin of the deceased, as applicable. 


The Purchaser hereby directs Holy Blossom Memorial Park to proceed with the monument cleaning, in accordance with the Cemetery By-laws which are now or at any time hereafter in force.  


The Purchaser acknowledges that monuments are made of a natural material produced by the earth that may be susceptible to physical imperfections and wear and tear. The undersigned understands that even when done properly and with care, there is a risk of damage during monument cleaning. 

I agree to indemnify and hold Holy Blossom Temple and Holy Blossom Memorial Park harmless from any claims of whatever nature or kind that might arise at any time in connection with the proceeding of the service requested and, to hold Holy Blossom Temple and Holy Blossom Memorial Park harmless of any liability due to loss or damage. 

Payment Information


  • Please make cheque payable to Holy Blossom Temple
  • Please ensure it says "Monument Cleaning" in the note
  • Cleaning will not be scheduled until payment has arrived

Cheque can be mailed to:

Holy Blossom Temple ATTN: Bridgedat Ramcaran

1950 Bathurst Street

Toronto, ON  M5P 2K9

Please note the following: 
  • The HBT email address is  
  • Please include "Your Name + Monument Cleaning" in the e-transfer message details.
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