The Temple High Holy Days 2023/5784
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There’s nothing quite like being inside The Temple, surrounded by smiling faces and a strong sense of community to kick off the New Year. This year, we’re excited to announce that all Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services will be in person at The Temple! There is so much to celebrate, especially this being The Temple's first High Holy Days with a Cantor. Please join Cantor Lauren for a fun, energetic, and song-filled children’s service. Masks are optional for all in-person services and activities, but RSVP’s are required to attend. If you register for your High Holy Days services, you will be emailed a ticket to bring with you to enter the building. You can also request to pick up your tickets in advance in person at The Temple. We will also live-stream services for those who are unable to attend in person.

EREV ROSH HASHANAH - Sunday, September 25

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ROSH HASHANAH - Monday, September 26
EREV YOM KIPPUR / KOL NIDREI - Tuesday, October 4

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YOM KIPPUR - Wednesday, October 5
Cantor Lauren and Rabbi David are creating beautiful new prayerbooks to use for services. The prayerbooks will be available at services for anyone attending in person.

Hugim and Babysitting
For the first time in two years, you can bring your children for Hugim & Babysitting for morning services. Please fill out information for each child you plan to bring to services:
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Over 400 Temple members have placed carry-out meal orders. Since our grant only covers the first 200 meals, all meals will now cost $20 (the full cost of the meal). Thank you for your understanding.

Please use the Seder Meal Guest section to enter all of the meals you would like to order (starting with your meal).  For each person, please select:
  • Whether the individual is a Temple Member or a Non-Member
  • First and Last Name
  • Which seder meal this is for (select all that apply).  You will be charged for each meal.
  • A meal option:
    • Option 1: Tender beef brisket topped with savory gravy
    • Option 2: Marinated grilled chicken breast piccata
    • Option 3: Vegetarian option is Chef Z’s famous vegetable frittata

      All meals include matzo ball soup, a mixed green salad, roasted root vegetables, and chocolate mousse for dessert.

You can add as many people/meals as you need by clicking the 'Add Another Seder Meal Guest' link at the bottom of the box.
Member Bag Pickup
For High Holy Days this year, Temple families can RSVP to claim your member bag with contents to help make your celebration more meaningful.

All Temple High Holy Day Member Bags will contain:
  • Rosh Hashanah prayer book

  • Yom Kippur prayer book

  • Brotherhood Book of Remembrance with Yizkor Service

  • Apples

  • Honey

  • Round challah

  • Homemade WRJ/Sisterhood Rosh Hashanah cookies and candy

  • Temple coasters

  • Yahrzeit candle

  • Refrigerator magnet with all 2021-2022 Jewish holidays

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Unfortunately, we are only accepting orders for second night pickup at this time (Women's Seder and Young Adult Seder).  If you are interested in being on the waitlist for a first or second night pickup, please note that in the comments below.


You can add as many people/meals as you need by clicking the 'Add Another Seder Meal Guest' link
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