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Holy Blossom Temple Unveiling Date Form

Please fill in this form if:

  • The deceased was a member of Holy Blossom Temple.
  • You are a member and you wish to schedule an unveiling for an immediate family member (regardless of Cemetery Location).
  • If you are a non-member and your loved one is a non-member interred at Holy Blossom Memorial Park.  
You are not required to fill in this form if:
  • You are a non-member and your loved one is a non-member and they are interred at Pardes Shalom, but are in our Holy Blossom Section, please contact Pardes Shalom directly to schedule your unveiling.  
Please fill in the form below to provide us with information regarding the deceased and your contact information.
Details Regarding the Deceased

Contact Details

Unveiling Date Selection  
Please note the following:

  • Holy Blossom Temple Clergy will only officiate unveilings for members or immediate family members of a member. 
  • If you wish clergy to officiate, it is advisable to secure their availability prior to booking the date with the cemetery or advising family members of the date and time.
  • You do not require Clergy to officiate at an unveiling which may provide you and your family with more flexibility in selecting a date.  In this case, Holy Blossom Temple can provide unveiling booklets to assist you with the service.
  • There is no fee for Holy Blossom Temple Clergy to officiate over an unveiling.

Each year we set one or two dates per month where select clergy are available to officiate unveilings.  For 2023 the remaining dates are: August 6th, September 10th (Limited Availability), October 15, October 22, November 12.  

Other dates during the week, with  the exception of September and Early October during the High Holidays, and the Festival of Sukkot may be available.  November is the last possible month to hold unveilings due to weather constraints.

For your date selection indicate the month you would like to hold your loved one's unveiling, and you will be contacted by Iris Spitz, our Funeral Coordinator to finalize scheduling.  Note your choice will not be finalized until it is confirmed by Iris Spitz either via email or phone call. 

Please provide any additional information required
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