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We are so happy that you are joining WHB and we look forward to meeting you. To get started, please tell us a little about yourself.

Annual Membership Fee
The annual membership fee of $40 supports our programming and communications infrastructure. Our year begins July 1.


If you are joining us partway through the year, your fee is as follows:


Joining June 15 to September 30, we ask that you pay the full fee of $40.

Joining October 1 to April 30, your fee is $25.

Joining May 1 to June 14, we would appreciate a donation in the amount of your choosing.

You will receive a membership renewal notification in mid-June, via email. If you are a Holy Blossom member, WHB renewal will be part of your Temple membership package. Please make sure to select Women of Holy Blossom.


We are also grateful for donations beyond this fee. They can be added to the payment amount below.

Credit Card Information 

Visa or Mastercard

Tax Receipting
Tax receipts will be issued annually, in February of the following year, for fees and donations totalling $18 or more in that year.